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Museum Centre Vapriikki

With a picturesque location beside the Tammerkoski rapids, Vapriikki is a museum centre that offers things to see and do for the whole family. We host about a dozen exhibitions each year, with varied themes, including history, technology, and natural sciences.

Vapriikki is also home to the Natural History Museum of Tampere, the Media Museum Rupriikki, the Mineral Museum, the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame, the Doll Museum, Postal Museum and The Finnish Museum of Games. Our visitors are served by museum restaurant Valssi and the Vapriikki museum shop, which offers a wide selection of books, gifts, and souvenirs.


<div>Finnish Museum of Games</div><div>Natural History Museum of Tampere</div><div>Mineral Museum</div><div>Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame</div><div>Media Museum Rupriikki</div><div>Doll Museum</div><div>Doll Museum</div>