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FINN-PEHMEX OY - Welcome to our specialty store

Finn-Pehmex Oy is the family-owned enterprise established in 1979 with the expertise in mattress manufacturing since 1956. We produce high-quality interior mattress sets, including orthopedic mattresses, under Pehmex® trademark for wooden frame sofa-beds (2 and 3 seater sofas, as well as corner sofa-beds). Whether for a boat, rocking chair or office use, you can order a non-standard size mattress to fit any space.

Finn-Pehmex Oy – is a furniture store with a wide range of products. Besides own production, we offer bedding sets (blankets and pillows), big assortment of divan sets, spring and orthopedic mattresses, furniture, such as beds, soft furniture, dining tables, bookcases, drawers etc. There are also interior design products in the shop.

Our high-quality production is made in Finland. Most of our solid furniture is produced from hardwood, such as birch or pine. Mattresses and bedding have been approved by the Allergy and Asthma Association.

Welcome to our specialty store!

Please note!
You can order a non-standard size mattress.



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