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Hotel-restaurant KERMANKEIDAS

Our cozy Hotel-Restaurant is located beside the beautiful Heinävesi water route next to the fish rich waters of Kermankoski lake.

Our restaurants can accommodate between 80 and 150 diners. In the summer our terrace can welcome 50 people and we have rooms for 30 people. You have the opportunity to purchase fishing permissions and rent a boat.

For people coming with their own boat we offer extra services like a fuel station, a dock for guest boats, electricity, a sauna, water delivery, waste service and possibility of emptying the waste tank.

In the surrounding area you will come across great places for picking mushrooms and wild berries as well as fantastic fishing spots.

Please note!
Distance to places of interest: Helsinki 360 km, Savonlinna 80km, Joensuu 75km, Varkaus 54km, Valamo Monestary 40km, Pääskyvuori skiing center 10km
Ship route: St Petersburg-Savonlinna-Kermankeidas-Kuopio. Kolovesi Natural Park and Kermajärvi nature reserve area are nearby and excellent canoeing routes exist.



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