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BIOTIINI STRONG HAIR&NAIL - Nutrients for hair, nails and skin

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The primary structural component of hair and nail is keratin, a protein hardened with sulphur. Hair grows from its hair follicles where cells push up forward new keratin which changes to hard keratin fibers inside the hair. Biotin, belonging to vitamin B group, activates hair follicle cells to produce more keratin. Biotin as well as zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal hair.

Nail plate is composed of three keratin layers with lipids between the layers. Nail lunula, the white moon-shaped area is soft keratin, which is hardened to tough keratin in the matrix. Lipids play an important role in nail condition because lack of lipids in the nail causes brittle and fragile nails. Zinc contributes also to the maintenance of normal nails.

Biotin and zinc have an effect on skin and mucous membranes too as both contribute to their normal maintenance.

BIOTIN STRONG Hair&Nail contains biotin,  sulphur-containing amino acid methione and zinc. 


Daily dose 1 tablet contains:

  • Biotin 5 mg
  • Zinc 15 mg
  • Methione 40 mg

Special information

Contains no sugar, lactose, gluten.

A food supplement does not substitute a varied and balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

Dosage for obtaining the claimed beneficial effect

For adults 1 tablet a day swallowed with water.

Pack size

60 tablets.

Where to buy

In the shops, pharmacies and organic food stores all over Finland.


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