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The Finnish Railway Museum

The Finnish Railway Museum, a special national museum, is situated in Hyvinkää, about sixty kilometres from Helsinki. The museum presents the history of Finnish railways within authentic railway milieu of the 1870´s.

The jewel of the collection is the imperial train, used on official visits to Finland by the Russian Emperor and his family. In all, there were almost a hundred imperial carriages used in Russia, but only the three Finnish coaches in the Railway Museum have survived until these days.

The permanent exhibition, focusing on rail travel, locomotive and rolling stock development and railway occupations, is spread out in the various buildings within the museum grounds. The items on display include different kinds of engines and rolling stock.

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Museum Shop offers a wide range of railway themed memorabilia, books and scale models. There are several themed event days during the year.
<div>Photo: Mikko Kuri, The Finnish Railway Museum</div>


  • The Finnish Railway Museum, Hyvinkäänkatu 9, HYVINKÄÄ

  • Opening times
    1.6.–31.8. daily 10 am–5 pm
    1.9.–31.5. Tue - Fri 12–3 pm, Sat - Sun 12–5 pm
    Closed on Mondays (1.9.–31.5).
    Check exceptional opening hours on our website.

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  • Admission fees: 8/5/3 €